7x7's San Francisco #SFBesties Contest

When Kali and I saw the #SFBesties contest from 7x7, we figured we'd throw our hats in the ring. Imagine our surprise when we were picked as one of 7 duos to be finalists! (The shock in our apartment after seeing our mugs on their Instagram announcement was actually pretty hilarious).

So first things first, the contest runs on Facebook through April 10 so vote for us! Do it do it do it - every day every day every day ('til the 10th that is). Visit 7x7's Facebook page (www.facebook.com/7x7) and click on the Besties tab. We're duo #2 - you know, the ones cackling the night away on a Halloween cruise under the Golden Gate Bridge. Because I do actually want you (YES, YOU!) to vote, there is a handy dandy example below. See us laughing it up? 

In case you need a little voting encouragement, I've compiled a short and not nearly complete list of why my #SFBestie is, well, the best. Drumroll, please:

  • She helped me up when I fell down the hill in front of lots of people in Dolores Park. And I mean LOTS of people. A crowd formed following my faceplant. People gave me beer 'cause they felt bad. Other people brought their dogs over 'cause they thought I might need cheering up. THAT kind of fall. 
  • She deals with my obsessive fear of sharks but still managed to get me to try surfing. (I barely thought about certain death. It did cross my mind, but only 10 times or so. This is progress) 
  • She listens to me freak out about my latest clothing obsessions. The faux fur cuffed nordic sweater? The bright blue patterened onesie/jumper/thing? The list goes on and on. What's more, she's willing to stop and take pictures on very populated city streets, with me as a fairly uncooperative/awkward subject, to help me on this new endeavor called Good Girl Goes Rad.
  • She deals with my lack of culinary prowess, takes initiative finding great recipes, and settles for my substandard sous chef assistance.
  • She's down to trek it an hour on Muni for adventures across town and across the Bay.
  • She's game to tackle hills on hills on HILLS together, whether it's running in the neighborhood or taking on the San Francisco marathon. She gets bonus points for coming up with a really sweet tribute for my dad since the race fell on Father's Day.
  • She can deal with sharing an apartment, sharing an employer, sharing a hobby, and sharing a new city with me. That's a LOT of sharing, folks. 

So there you have it. Vote for us! We'll win prizes from a salon here in SF, and if you know me, then it will come as no surprise that I'm almost a year overdue on a haircut, so the prize will go to VERY good use.