Print Deliverables

Annual reports

Selected example (left) is a 20-page, 5.5" w x 8.5" h print publication designed to be a year-in-review, with sections dedicated to the organization's Board initiatives, major programs, and noteworthy achievements from the calendar year.

Responsible for:

  • Content framework and planning
  • Solicitation of introductory letters from Board President and CEO
  • Art direction and concept, with design execution completed by graphic design partner
  • Writing of all articles and content

Additional annual report samples available upon request. 

Advocacy collateral

Selected example (left) is a bi-fold brochure designed to promote the impact of the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund.

Shell is composed of history and project photos. Research and interviews were conducted to obtain details on the quality of life impact of Trust Fund grants in communities; information used to create 120+ customized brochure interiors. Art direction, concept, and content, with design execution by graphic design partner.

Project deliverables:

  • 120+ custom community brochures
  • Handbook detailing compiled stories of local impact, provided to members of the Fund's governing board
  • Supporting web content

Event programs & brochures

The 40-page, 11"w x 8.5" h spiral bound print piece (left) was the guide for 650+ attendees of a state-wide Conference & Trade Show.

Responsible for:

  • Content planning and organization
  • Editing 100+ session descriptions
  • Special event descriptions and sponsor recognition
  • Collaboration with planning committee
  • Art direction and concept; design execution by graphic design partner

Additional deliverables for the event: print and digital content, social media promotion, and attendee digital engagement on-site.

Additional event programs and brochure samples available upon request.